Saturday, June 25th The Saturday started with the breakfast. We had bread, honey, bacon, sausage etc. After that we walked down the very narrow Love Lane to the Promenade next to the sea. We headed towards the fun fair (like “Plärrer” in Augsburg ). We climbed on the rocks and found a lot of money.

 Then we went to the city centre in Penzance where the Mazy Day was. The Mazy day is a local festival with lots of food stalls, bands playing and a big parade whose members are mainly students through the town. Then we tried to make a treasure hunt. The teacher gave us a paper with streets and we had to find questions to be answered by the pupils of next year´s exchange. The answers can be found in the streets. We had for example Causeway Head, Queen Street or Morab Gardens. In the early evening the first cooking group had to buy and then cook dinner. It was rice with beef and vegetable curry. Before we went to bed we played football outside or billiard in the basement.

Monday June 27th

In the morning of our first school day at our “new school”, “Mounts Bay Academy”, we first woke up and had breakfast. Some had scrambled eggs with bacon, or toast with haschbrowns or baked beans. After our breakfast we were driven to school. After arriving at Mounts Bay Academy we met our exchange partners and were twinned to them. We all were really happy to finally meeting our exchange partners. Then we went to our first school lesson! Some had I.T. (something like our Informatik) and some had Drama.  By the way, lessons in England last 75 minutes! My I.T. lesson was really interesting because we all were working with iMacs and every pupil has an iPad for working during school lessons! Amazing! After our very long first lesson with our exchange partners, Georgie and Meggan (two pupils from Mounts Bay) showed us their huge and magnificent school building. It was really amazing, especially because their sports area is even bigger than ours! In the break we went to the canteen. Some of our group ate bagels, potato wedges, sandwiches or pizza! The crazy thing is, we were allowed to get food for free that was cheaper than 2.20 Pound! Then we went to the third lesson which was Maths or English. After that lesson we finally had lunchbreak (lasts 45 minutes). The girls went to the canteen and the boys went playing football on a huge football field with a lot of English pupils. Then we went to our last school lesson which was English or maths. After the school ending at 3.15 pm we went to the (“small”) town where could walk around in groups of three or four people and were allowed to buy some food, souvenirs and clothes. After an hour in the town we walked back to our youth hostel and played football (4 vs. 4) in the backyard of the youth hostel. For dinner we had “chicken biryani” and “ice-cream” as dessert. After dinner we practiced our presentations and then we went to bed after a long and exciting day.

Tuesday , June 28th 

On Tuesday morning we had to get up at 7 o´clock and we ate our breakfast at 7:30. The bus picked us up and drove us to Mounts Bay Academy where we met our exchange partners. My first lesson was English with my partner Heather. We read a book named “Witch Child” about the Witch Hunt during the Middle Ages. After that the pupils had to write a journal on their Ipads with one article about the book. The  break was after the first lesson and I met my german group again. Together we ate really tasty Bagels with tomato  and Cheese. After that  we had maths and did Fractions, my exchange partner had to write an exam soon so we did some exercises. Now we had the second break and spend it in the play ground. Now we had Music and sang some songs.  After that we had lunchbreak and played football with the English pupils, the last lesson was maths again. Then we went to the town center and were allowed to buy some souvenirs.In the evening we practiced our presentations about Augsburg and ate indian food.

On Wednesday we went to school again.In the first lesson we practiced our presentations about Augsburg and the Rudolf-Diesel-Gymnasium with our teachers Mrs.Schwab and Mrs.Hildensberger.After that we all went with Julians partner Georgie because our partners had an  exam.Then we had media and business where we watched Wimbledon and had fun.Then we had our lunch break and after that we had presented our presentations.After the school had finished we went to the city,on this day the girls had to cook so they went with Mrs.Hildensberger to Lidl to buy the stuff to cook.In the evening we ate.

Thursday 30th June, 2016

We woke up at 7.00 am and then we had breakfast. At 8.30 am a bus of Mounts Bay Academy picked us up. So we didn’t have to walk to school. At school we had P.E. for two lessons in which we played tennis. After the first lesson we had a short break which was 30 minutes long. During this break we ate in the canteen. At 12.00 o’clock a Mounts Bay school bus brought us to St. Ives. There we made a break at the beach for 30 minutes. Simon bought an ice-cream for himself. But he couldn’t eat it because a seagull attacked him, stole his ice-cream and ate it. So he could only eat his waffle. After the break we went to St. Ives “Chapel Hill”. Mrs. Schwab took a photo of us there. Then we were allowed to visit the town. We had to be 3 people or more per group. We went shopping. We also bought some postcards and souvenirs in St. Ives. Robin bought an ice-cream for himself and was attacked by a seagull, too. We had to meet our teachers at a gift shop at 4.00 pm. Then we went to the train station and took the train to St. Erth. There we had to change the train. We waited about 10 minutes for the train to Penzance. There we walked to CO-OP and bought our packed lunch for next day. At 6.00 pm we were back at the youth hostel. The boys played football until 6.45 pm. Then we had dinner at 7.30 pm. We ate pizza and chips. (We had ordered what we wanted to eat yesterday.) For dessert we had ice-cream, frozen yoghurt, apple pie or clementine cake. We had to draw lots, because there were just 3 apple pies left. The lucky ones were Robin, Victor and Katharina. After dinner we packed our luggage. In the evening we watched football. Then we went to bed early because we had to be fit for the walk to the train station and for the long trip home.