Monday 24th September, 2018

On Monday we went on a long journey. At three o’clock in the morning we had to get up as we were driven by some parents to Munich airport at four o’clock. The flight to London Heathrow took about two hours. From London we went to Reading by bus to catch the train going to Penzance. This trip crossing the country takes about 5½ hours.

 Finally, we walked to the youth hostel which took 30 Minutes. Although the long walk to the youth hostel is so exhausting, especially with the suitcases, it is great relief once you see the youth hostel finally.

The first thing we saw after entering the building was the breakfast room. What we thought of that room in the evening changed completely in the morning because the selection for breakfast was really amazing. Our room on the first floor was bigger than the rooms of the others. We really liked the house, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to stay awake after 10 pm.

Tuesday 25th September, 2018

We got up at 7 am. Then at 7.30 am we ate a typical English breakfast with sausages, bacon and eggs. I liked the sausages best, but eggs for breakfast sound still very strange.

After breakfast we were picked up by two school minibusses. At school we met our exchange partners. They showed us around the school. After that we went to class with our partners. There is a break after every lesson. During the breaks we ate something in the cafeteria or we went out to the playground and hang out with friends. The schoolground is much better than ours because there is a basketball and a football field where you can do sports in the breaks. The lessons take 75 minutes. I had English, science and history.

After school the teachers showed us around town. For example they showed us the swimming pool which is outside and has got sea water. In the very city centre we can find the big Lloyds Bank which was built in 1837. After the tour we all went to Lidl. There we went shopping for dinner. Then we went back to the youth hostel. It was our turn to cook for the others. That was spaghetti bolognese which was delicious. At 10 pm we had to go to bed.

(Philipp Schemm, Elias Müller, Lukas Rieber)

Wednesday 26th September, 2018

Today we had to get up at 7 a.m. and everyone was really tired. After the delicious breakfast, we were picked up by the school mini bus again and were taken to Mounts Bay Academy.

We waited for our exchange partners and finally went with them into the lessons. It was European Language Day so some of us spent lunch time in a classroom, eating crepes and tortilla and took part in a tongue twister competition. After leaving school at 14.55 we did a treasure hunt in Penzance. We were split up into five groups, got a map of the city and questions which we had to answer. I was part of the first group. By the way, one question wasn’t up to date and could not be answered as there isn’t a big ruler in Penzance any more. When we met at 5 pm again, we split into two groups: the cooking group. Alexia, Louisa, Paula and Marina went to Lidl with Mrs Hildensperger and the rest went back to the youth hostel with Mrs Schwab.

At 7.30 pm everyone was eating very delicious chicken curry with rice. The cooking group of the following day had to wash up the dishes. At the end of the day we practiced the presentations again and then went to bed.

(Luisa Geppert, Paula Dreyer, Marina Löber, Alexia Ianosik)

Thursday 27th September, 2018

On Thursday morning after getting up I really looked forward to eating breakfast! It is so different to the one at home. I like the hashbrowns best. Then we went to school. It was really interesting, because the school is very different from our school. After school we went to Marazion. We visited the castle St. Michael’s Mount there. This castle is really beautiful. One of the richest families of Cornwall lives there. We toured the castle where you can find many pictures of the people who lived there in former times. There’s also a picture of the Queen, because she visited this castle quite a few years ago. In order to get back to Marazion we had to take a boat as it was high tide. Then we walked to the bus station for about an hour.

We were also the group which had to cook, so we went to the supermarket and bought all the necessary ingredients. Back home we cooked chilli con carne and then we ate. It was delicious. After that we practiced our presentations about Augsburg and our school we had to present on the following day. At 11 o’clock we went to bed.

(Eylem Dogan, Elina Becker, Martina Zimmermann, Nicole Eirich)

Friday 28th September, 2018

On Friday it was our last day at Mounts Bay Academy. There we also had to do the presentations which we had practiced for three weeks. We had to do the presentations in the first and the third lesson. At first it was rather chaotic as the videos in our power point presentation didn’t work and the vocabulary game was rather unorganised. We got really nervous. But for the second time everything went really smoothly and we were very proud that the English pupils listened closely and had fun dressing up our German frog.

At 2.45 pm we had to say goodbye to our partners, unfortunately. Many of us exchanged their mobile phone numbers.

After school we were allowed to walk through Penzance in groups until 5 pm to buy some souvenirs. After that the group which had to cook that today went to Lidl with Mrs Hildensperger and the others went to the youth hostel. After the cooking group arrived at the youth hostel, they started to cook. After that we had dinner at 7.15 pm. It was Indian food with noodles, chicken and rice. Mrs Hildensperger also made a tasty salad. Then we had some free time. At 10 pm we had to go to bed and we really needed to rest because it had been a long day.

(Andi Pecher, Moritz Kirster, Arshdeep Singh, Tim Rehberger)

Saturday 29th September, 2018

On Saturday 29th we went to St Ives. But the first thing we did on Saturday was getting up too late so we really had to hurry to be on time for breakfast at 8o’clock which was delicious as always.

After breakfast we walked to the train station. After riding the train for twenty minutes we arrived at our destination which was St Ives. Its train station looked really small, but the city looked really nice. We stopped at a viewing platform and we had a really nice view on the beaches, the town and the harbour.

After this we had a really steep walk to a hill outside of St Ives. On the hill you can find the oldest building of St Ives, a chapel which was built in the 9th century by the first missionaries.

So Arshdeep, Andi and me made up one group. The first thing we did was lying down in the grass and rolling down the hill.

 After this we went into town and walked around for two hours before meeting again with the others. Together we went to the beach and played soccer which was a lot of fun, but really exhausting, too.

 So we finished soccer after an hour and then went back into town to eat fish and chips there. However, Arshdeep and I ate chicken burger and Andi ate chicken nuggets. It was very delicious. Right now we are going home by train again and in two hours we will go to bed.

(Andi Pecher, Moritz Kirster, Arshdeep Singh, Tim Rehberger)

Sunday 30 th September, 2018

 In the morning we ate our English breakfast. After that we went to a supermarket to buy some things for the day. When the bus arrived, we were taken to Porthcurno by a public bus which took half an hour. There we went to the beach. Near the beach we went up a lot of stone stairs onto a mountain top. It was really dangerous, but beautiful, too. We hiked for five hours on top of the cliffs. We could see the Atlantic Ocean and old stones. It wasn’t difficult to climb and it was very interesting.

While we were walking we saw a lot of things for example some caves and a lot of flat land, but there were also cows and birds. After a three hours walk we went to a beach and saw lots of algae which smelled badly. Tim and Andi climbed on small stones and because of that we must write this text now. At the end of the coastal path we were at Lands End and some children wanted to go to a small cinema, but they weren’t allowed to go in because they had to have an adult with them. There was a souvenir shop, too and some of the children bought an emoji pillow, just for fun.

Back at the youth hostel we cleaned our rooms and packed our suitcases as we have to leave very early tomorrow morning. Later we ate chilli con carne and jacket potato. It was delicious. We liked the salad best.

(Andi Pecher, Tim Rehberger, Nicole Eirich, Philip Schemm)